Name: Alejo Rossia

Nationality: Argentinian

MMS Affiliation: DESY

Title of PhD project: A Glance into the Future of Particle Physics with Effective Field Theories

Dissertation completed on: 09.09.2021

Current job: PostDoc at the University of Manchester

Why would I recommend the MMS? It’s a graduate school in a quickly developing and very promising area of research that allows you to work with a great variety of world-leading researchers in top institutions, with lots of resources to perform outstanding research and hone your skills. The skill set that is developed by working in this field is broad and very useful to have a successful career either in academia or not. 

Dr. Alejo Rossia

Name: Jonathan Morag

Nationality: Israeli

MMS Affiliation: WIS

Title of PhD project: Modeling early (hours-days) radiation emission of core-collapse supernovae 

Dissertation completed on: 19.01.2022

Current job: PostDoc at WIS

Why would I recommend the MMS? The MMS is a top-tier collaboration in Multi-messenger astronomy. It provides students with exposure to front-line research.

Dr. Jonathan Morag

Name: Constantin Steppa

Nationality: German

MMS Affiliation: UP

Title of PhD project: Modelling the Galactic population of very-high-energy 𝛄-ray sources

Dissertation completed: 29.03.2022

Current job: PostDoc at UP

Dr. Constantin Steppa

Name: Annika Rudolph

Nationality: German

MMS Affiliation: DESY

Title of PhD project: Emission of Multiple Messengers from Gamma-Ray Bursts

Dissertation completed: 20.05.2022

Current job: PostDoc at Niels Bohr International Academy/ University of Copenhagen

Why would I recommend the MMS? In my view the MM school offers great opportunities to PhD students that will help them to build their career. I mostly enjoyed the close connection which developed among the students of the group and the training opportunities that also include soft skill courses.

Dr. Annika Rudolph

Name: Victor Barbosa Martins

Nationality: Brazilian

MMS Affiliation: DESY

Title of PhD project: Probing the cosmic-ray pressure in the Virgo Cluster and the origin of the very-high-energy gamma rays of M87 with H.E.S.S and CTA

Dissertation completed on: 24.05.2022

Current job: PostDoc at DESY

Why would I recommend the MMS? It gives you access to good workshops.

Dr. Victor Barbosa Martins