PhD Projects 2020

Transient source searches with the LAST optical survey telescope and the HESS gamma-ray telescope - PIs: Dan Parsons (HU), Iftach Sadeh (DESY)
A Search for Neutrinos from Extremely Young Supernova Explosions - PIs: Marek Kowalski (HU), Avishay Gal-Yam (WIS)
Search for optical counterparts of short GRBs and their relation to NS-NS merger events - PIs: Dan Parsons (HU), Eran Ofek (WIS)

The production in supernova remnants of antimatter and rare isotopes like 60Fe - PI: Martin Pohl (UP)
The LAST of CTA - fast multi-wavelenght transients - PI: Iftach Sadeh (DESY)
Mapping the Universe with high-cadence, wide-field data - PIs: Jakob Nordin (HU), Avishay Gal-Yam (WIS)
Searching for lensed quasars and measuring their time delays using a novel method - PI: Eran Ofek (WIS)
Study microlensing-detected exoplanets using simultaneous observations from the Earth and Spitzer (at 1 AU from the Earth) - PI: Eran Ofek (WIS)
Multi-wavelength Blazar Variability Studies - PIs: Anna Franckowiak (DESY), Eran Ofek (WIS)
Understanding the origin of cosmic-ray antimatter - PIs: Huirong Yan (UP), Kfir Blum (WIS)
Testing physics beyond the Standard Model with multiple messengers - Walter Winter (DESY), Kfir Blum (WIS)
Dark Matter detection - new analyses and future detectors - PIs: Iftach Sadeh (DESY),  Ranny Budnik (WIS)
Probing the loud Universe: High-accuracy waveform models including spin and eccentricity effects - PIs: Rafael Porto (DESY), Barak Zackay (WIS)
Development of CMOS imaging sensors for ULTRASAT - PIs: Steve Worm (DESY), Sagi Ben-Ami (WIS)
Are supernova remnants the dominant source of Galactic cosmic rays up to the knee? - PI: Kathrin Egberts (UP)
The Large Array of Survey Telescopes – A High Cadence Wide field-of-view Discovery Machine - PIs: David Berge (HU), Sagi Ben-Ami (WIS)
A Synergic search for neutron-star mergers - PIs: David Berge (HU), Barak Zackay (WIS)