PhD Projects 2022

Globular clusters as a probe of dark matter - PI: Kfir Blum (WIS)
The Oort cloud and Solar System formation - PI: Eran Ofek (WIS)
Fast transients and gravitational wave EM counterparts - PI: Eran Ofek (WIS)
AGNs and lensed quasars - PI: Eran Ofek (WIS)
Optical Polarization Measurements - PIs: Anna Franckowiak (RUB), Eran Ofek (WIS)
Identifying “hidden” neutrino sources - PI: Anna Franckowiak (RUB)
Enabling novel searches for multimessenger signatures in large-scale observations - PI: Marek Kowalski (HU, DESY)
Turbulence and Cosmic ray transport in the multi-messenger era - PI: Huirong Yan (UP, DESY)
Revealing the Population of Pulsar Wind Nebulae in the Milky Way - PI: Kathrin Egberts (UP)