PhD Projects 2021

Are supernova remnants the dominant source of Galactic cosmic rays up to the knee? - PI: Kathrin Egberts (UP)
Search for primordial black holes with optical and very-high-energy photons - PI: Elisa PĆ¼schel (UP)
Real-time follow-up and detection of optical transients with HESS and CTA - PI: Stefan Ohm (DESY/HU)
The LAST of CTA - fast multi-wavelenght transients - PI: Iftach Sadeh (DESY)
Stream-based machine learning models for classifying and reacting to astronomical transients - PIs: Marek Kowalski (HU/DESY), Avishay Gal-Yam (WIS)
The production of antimatter and rare isotopes like 60Fe in supernova remnants - PI: Martin Pohl (UP)
Multi-messenger observations of FRBs and improving the low-energy response of H.E.S.S. with machine learning techniques - PI: Stefan Funk (ECAP)
Radio detection of neutrinos - PIs: Anna Nelles (ECAP/DESY)
Multi-wavelength Blazar Variability Studies - PIs: Anna Franckowiak (DESY), Eran Ofek (WIS)
Multi-messenger Studies of Novae - PI: Anna Franckowiak (RUB)

Multimessenger transient astronomy with Machine Learning - PIs: Marek Kowalski (HU/DESY), Avishay Gal-Yam (WIS)