Professional training opportunities

Beside gaining expertise in a certain scientific topic, the aim of the International Helmholtz-Weizmann Research School on Multimessenger Astronomy (MMS) is to provide professional training opportunities for the students in terms of vocational and personal development. Thus, the school offers a variety of courses in cooperation with several institutions. The costs for the training will be covered by the school.

The Humboldt Graduate School (HGS) is an umbrella organization for structured research programs of the Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin. The task of Humboldt Graduate School is to ensure quality for its member programs, one of them being the research school on multimessenger astronomy. The HGS offers a wide range of services for doctoral candidates like trainings for key competencies, mentoring and guidance and - if nessessary - advice and support should a conflict arise. 

Possible trainings are: good scientific practice, career planning, communication & presentation (also in intercultural teams), teaching, project management, managing disputation, self-management, writing (scientific) texts, publishing.

HIDA serves as a roof for several Helmholtz Research Schools that are focused on the topic of data science. HIDA offers doctoral researchers and scientists attractive opportunities to obtain training and continuing education in a wide range of methods and to become part of an international data science network. Through its funding by the Helmholtz Association, the MMS students can sign up for course/summer schools and workshops that are offered by HIDA.

Possible topics are: publication, GitLab for software development in teams.

The Helmholtz Association itself provides a so-called Key Skills Training for PhDs who are enrolled in Helmholtz funded graduate programmes, such as the MMS. The training consist of three (not necessarily, but advised) consecutive trainings that are offered approximately once a year. The workshops are designed for various stages of the course of the PhD. Information on the current offer will be provided by the MMS’s coordination.

The data science seminar is a seminar that is offered by one of the partner institutions, DESY Zeuthen. It’s meant to be a forum for all working scientists, but especially for students and postdocs to learn about problems and methods in data science that the various research groups face and to keep abreast of developments in the wider world of data science, scientific computing, and software. This is also the place where the latest programming tricks are shared.